An Unexpected Adventure by Kandi J. Wyatt

Protect their community or protect their discovery?

For eighth graders Chace, Harley, Will, and Cherise, that’s a life-changing question after they find a dragon’s egg while hunting for thundereggs on the beach. Toss in summer jobs, family struggles, and a National Security Agent, and their summer vacation just became complicated.

Can they find a solution that won’t leave their hearts broken or their community in flames?

Learn more about An Unexpected Adventure & Myrtle Beach, Oregon, the setting, on Kandi’s website.

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  • 5th grade
  • Fantasy: E.T. meets How to Train Your Dragon
  • Classic Comparison: Because of Winn Dixie
An Unexpected Adventure by Kandi J. Wyatt, unit study guide

A six-week unit study including vocabulary, comprehension, and extended lessons on related themes from the book:

  • Thundereggs
  • Wildfire Safety
  • Rogue River Jetboats
  • Scientific Method
  • Ratios
  • Geography
  • Reading Maps
  • Amethysts
  • Understanding News Sources
  • Predators
  • Writing

Author Visits with Kandi J. Wyatt