2024 Homeschool Conventions

Stay tuned to see which conventions New Classic Study Guides will attend in 2024!

2023 Convention Highlights

New Classics authors vendored at these homeschool conventions in 2023. Scroll down to check out some fun pictures from 2023’s conventions.

  • March 16-18 Great Homeschool Convention (GHC) St. Charles, Missouri
  • March 16-18 Peoria, Illinois
  • April 13-15 GHC Cincinatti, Ohio
  • May 18-21 ICHE Bourbonnais, Illinois
  • June 16-17 OCEAN Albany, Oregon

GHC Missouri

Phyllis Wheeler (with help from hubby) manned our New Classics booth in St. Charles. The fun included a raffle/giveaway and lots of hands-on samples of our books and study guides. Some could be purchased right there on site (or downloaded for free), while other New Classics authors offered a 15% discount on postcards. All kinds of options. Here is a picture of our booth, with author Phyllis Wheeler ready to go! Scroll down to see the New Classics authors highlighted at this GHC convention.

Phyllis Wheeler
Susan Marlow
Allen Brokken
John Hendrix

Peoria, Illinois

Allen pitched his own booth, along with our New Classics books, so he was a busy vendor! Peoria was a smaller convention (300 families), but it looks like he had fun with his “Spin to Win” raffle idea. Thanks, Allen, for showcasing us New Classics authors! Scroll down to see his top Spin to Win prize.

Spin to Win This “Tower of Light” Grand Prize!

Other prizes included four audio players, along with fun prizes in green and red buckets.