Vincent in Wonderland Study Guide

A six-week literature unit study for Vincent in Wonderland for grades 4-7. Extended lessons include:

  • Memory verses prompted by the reading from the book
  • Word puzzles and vocabulary exercises
  • Thoughtful questions to build critical thinking skills
  • Activities and information about Vincent van Gogh’s artwork
  • Coloring pages of a scene from the book

Classic comparison: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Isabel’s Secret Study Guide

Study guide covers vocabulary, comprehension, and extended discussion questions, as well as a variety of literature-based activities.

  • A life motto
  • Character, settings, plot
  • Friendship bracelet craft
  • Word searches and crossword puzzles
  • Native American focus
  • Teepee treats

Young middle grade girls (ages 8-11)

Hunger Winter Study Guide

A study guide for a language arts literature unit that includes vocabulary, comprehension, and extended theme from the book Hunger Winter.

Extended lessons include:

  • figures of speech
  • history games
  • poetry
  • hands-on activities
  • faith-based digging deeper questions
  • and more

Light of Mine Study Guide

A four-week homeschool study guide takes kids through this allegorical fantasy story by Allen Brokken, Light of Mine.

Use the Light of Mine Unit Study for questions and answers in a classroom setting or as a devotional study during family reading time.

  • 3rd to 5th grade
  • Allegory
  • Classic comparison: Pilgrim’s Progress

The Faithful Spy Study Guide

“Biographies of key figures from WWII are plentiful in kids books, but Hendrix’s captivating account of the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer is a standout . . . A poignant, compellingly presented, and timely account of a brave individual who lived his life with true conviction.” —Booklist

7th Grade and up

Biography, heavily illustrated Classic Comparison: The Hiding Place

Badge of Honor Study Guide

A five-week unit study for Badge of Honor. Covers vocabulary, comprehension and “digging deeper” questions as well as writing skills. Also explores topics related to the California gold rush.

  • Grades 4-6
  • Geography “Around the Horn”
  • A prospector’s tools
  • Write a gold-nugget story
  • An 1860s gold-stamping mill
  • Flumes
  • 1860s pistols
  • And more!

Classic comparison: By the Great Horn Spoon

The Dog Snatcher Study Guide

A study guide for a five-week language arts literature unit including vocabulary, comprehension, and extended lessons on themes from the book, The Dog Snatcher.

Extended lessons include:

  • faith questions
  • the Golden Rule
  • storytelling
  • imagery
  • vocabulary
  • a bit of the French language
  • history details of Lyon
  • a tabletop game
  • and more!
img="An Unexpected Adventure middle grade fantasy"

An Unexpected Adventure Study Guide

A six-week unit study including vocabulary, comprehension, and extended lessons on related themes from the book:

  • Thundereggs
  • Wildfire Safety
  • Rogue River Jetboats
  • Scientific Method
  • Ratios
  • Geography
  • Reading Maps
  • Amethysts
  • Understanding News Sources
  • Predators
  • Writing