Isabel’s Secret by Jan May

Study guide covers vocabulary, comprehension, and extended discussion questions, as well as a variety of literature-based activities.

  • A life motto
  • Character, settings, plot
  • Friendship bracelet craft
  • Word searches and crossword puzzles
  • Native American focus
  • Teepee treats

Young middle grade girls (ages 8-11)

Hunger Winter

A study guide for a language arts literature unit that includes vocabulary, comprehension, and extended theme from the book Hunger Winter.

Extended lessons include:

  • figures of speech
  • history games
  • poetry
  • hands-on activities
  • faith-based digging deeper questions
  • and more

Light of Mine by Allen Brokken

A four-week homeschool study guide takes kids through this allegorical fantasy story by Allen Brokken, Light of Mine.

Use the Light of Mine Unit Study for questions and answers in a classroom setting or as a devotional study during family reading time.

  • 3rd to 5th grade
  • Allegory
  • Classic comparison: Pilgrim’s Progress

The Faithful Spy by John Hendrix

“Biographies of key figures from WWII are plentiful in kids books, but Hendrix’s captivating account of the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer is a standout . . . A poignant, compellingly presented, and timely account of a brave individual who lived his life with true conviction.” —Booklist

7th Grade and up

Biography, heavily illustrated Classic Comparison: The Hiding Place

Long Ride Home by Susan K. Marlow

A six-week unit study for Andrea Carter and the Long Ride Home. Covers vocabulary, comprehension and “digging deeper” questions as well as writing skills. Also explores topics related to the 1880s ranching in California:

  • Geography
  • Caring for a horse
  • Measuring a horse
  • A horse’s coloring
  • Cowboy’s Ten Commandments
  • Characters, setting, story problem, plot, and solution
  • And more!

Middle grade (ages 9-13)

Theme: friendship, accepting others

Classic comparison: Little House meets Bonanza

The Dog Snatcher Study Guide

A study guide for a five-week language arts literature unit including vocabulary, comprehension, and extended lessons on themes from the book, The Dog Snatcher.

Extended lessons include:

  • faith questions
  • the Golden Rule
  • storytelling
  • imagery
  • vocabulary
  • a bit of the French language
  • history details of Lyon
  • a tabletop game
  • and more!
img="An Unexpected Adventure middle grade fantasy"

An Unexpected Adventure Study Guide

A six-week unit study including vocabulary, comprehension, and extended lessons on related themes from the book:

  • Thundereggs
  • Wildfire Safety
  • Rogue River Jetboats
  • Scientific Method
  • Ratios
  • Geography
  • Reading Maps
  • Amethysts
  • Understanding News Sources
  • Predators
  • Writing