Light of Mine by Allen Brokken

Darkness is spreading through Zoura. Beyond the borders of the heathlands, innocent animals are being turned into monsters, and good men into pawns of the Dark One. Father has vanished after joining the Mighty Mercenaries and Mother has gone missing in search of him.

Alone on the farm, twelve-year-old Lauren and her brave little brothers, Aiden (9) and Ethan (5), must guard the Tower of Light that will guide both parents home. But when a hooded stranger is caught trespassing the farm, and a new bishop claims the church, confusion pervades their close-knit community.

Will the children be able to recognize who is a threat to the Tower and who is there to help them protect it? With little else but the aid of a trio of blessed pets, three holy weapons, and their growing faith, Lauren, Aiden, and Ethan find it is up to them to stop the agents of The Dark One from putting out the Light and dooming the heathlands to Darkness.

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Allen Brokken, Light of Mine, Study Guide
  • 3rd to 5th grade
  • Allegory
  • Classic Comparison: Pilgrim’s Progress

A four-week homeschool study guide takes kids through this allegorical fantasy story by Allen Brokken, Light of Mine.

Use the Light of Mine Unit Study for questions and answers in a classroom setting or as a devotional study during family reading time.

Author Visits with Allen Brokken