The Dog Snatcher by Phyllis Wheeler

Looking for a kidnapped dog, lost in time…

Eleven-year-old Jake is amazed to find a strange silver key at the end of his suburban driveway.  Then a teenage boy kidnaps the family dog and vanishes. Jake and his twin Ava are determined to find their dog, and soon they use the key to seek help in–of all places–a clock shop.

This clock shop travels through time and space, piloted by a 500-year-old Swiss alchemist. But the dog snatcher isn’t easy to catch. He’s a centuries-old alchemist too.  

An illustrated family-friendly story full of surprises, including a trip to France in 1680.

What others are saying:

It’s a great read for new chapter-book readers, as the chapters are short and illustrated with delightful pictures to enhance the reader’s imagination. I highly recommend this book and look forward to its sequels. – Christy Hoss, teacher and author

Great story! Time traveling in a clock shop was interesting, cool and funny! – Caleb, age 11

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  • Grades 2-5
  • Focus on Christian living
  • Classic Comparison: A Wrinkle in Time

Over five weeks, the guide leads students and families to consider faith questions, such as what to do if you’ve told a lie and how to apply the Golden Rule. Students learn storytelling, imagery, vocabulary, and a bit of French language. Jake and Ava pursue the person who snatched their dog as they run through Lyon, France, in 1680. The study guide gives more details about Lyon history and includes a tabletop game. Written by the author.

Author Visits with Phyllis Wheeler